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I am a self taught java programmer who didn't go through mentor-ship in a four wall environment but  want to start developing... More
Sibrah Sep 12
The <div> tag   Yeah, today we’ll be treating the <div> tag and I know you might be wondering what’s so special... More
Chinedu Sep 8
Next Topic We'd be treating is Variables and Names So what tha heck is a Variable? What's all these fuss about it? Well think of a... More
Commonly, spam submissions have been prevented using more or less complex captchas. Some of them are easy to read. Unfortunately, spam bots are... More
Quote from dhtml Just keep us posted on this board with your activities.  yea. Will definitely keep everyone posted
larrye Aug 31
There are some situations in programming where you need to send emails to a php script. For example, you might write a newsletter script, and say... More
dhtml Aug 31
That is very simple, just follow this guide and If you run into any problems let us know.  
dhtml Aug 30
A very excellent suggestion, I shall add it to my todo list. Thanks.
dhtml Aug 30

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They frequently make less-than-optimal steps, however I presume that's so a human in fact has an opportunity of gaining. This game is typically a vide... Read more
EvZeller Sep 13
We think everybody wants to be awesome and stand out all the time. Like crimson or yellow heels, purple is just an additional color that will establis... Read more
BeRxp Sep 13
For example , you could hire a business bookkeeping service to handle your accounting for you. Is considered one way that you could give yourself a li... Read more
Italian shoe designer Ferragamo made the wedge heel in the mid thirties so ladies could walk with much more ease. Kerry Washington attended the Oscars... Read more
BlBryce Sep 13
With workplaces located in 45 countries, Nike has bonded with much more than 700 shops globe wide. Ensure that your outfit is simple and understated. ... Read more
How can i enable the print to PDF or print article function in most sites in 1) A static site 2) A CMS site by Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla?
Sibrah Sep 12


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