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Quote from dhtml You are welcome zicjoe. Nice to have you here.  tnx. just been busy
zicjoe Yesterday, 23:43
I want to assume you are using a captcha / recaptcha module?
dhtml Yesterday, 20:05
Quote from dhtml Just keep us posted on this board with your activities.  yea. Will definitely keep everyone posted
larrye Aug 31
There are some situations in programming where you need to send emails to a php script. For example, you might write a newsletter script, and say... More
dhtml Aug 31
That is very simple, just follow this guide and If you run into any problems let us know.  
dhtml Aug 30
A very excellent suggestion, I shall add it to my todo list. Thanks.
dhtml Aug 30
the portal will ve the fellowing features - manage student - manage subjects - manage classes - manage teachers - manage broadsheet - manage... More

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Remember those times when you created a new web page in Dreamweaver MX and it came up as "Untitled Document"? ...or was it MS Frontpage? Tim... Read more
PDF is the most popular document format online. It is very easy to convert almost any document format to PDF. In these days of HTML5-Enabled browsers,... Read more
dhtml Aug 21
What if I you that a lot of developers find pagination a very difficult task. It was a lot of challenge for me at the begining of my career as a web-d... Read more
dhtml Aug 21
Writing PHP in oop fashion seem to be a problem for newbies in PHP especially those without a background knowlege of other languages like C++,Java and... Read more
dhtml Aug 21
All programming languages comes with tons of functions included, PHP for example has at least 1,000 built-in functions. A function is a block of code ... Read more
dhtml Aug 21
OOP was developed to increase the reusability and maintainability of source code. The aim of this discussion is to explain the basics of OOP. It is a ... Read more
dhtml Aug 21


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